Court schedule for the Kubby Trial
(Last updated 8/21/2000)

Tue, August 22: Pretrial motions
Wed,  August 23: Pretrial motions
Thu, August 24: Pretrial motions

Tue, August 29: Jury Selection
Wed,  August 30: Jury Selection
Thu, August 31: Jury Selection

Tue, Sept. 5: Opening Arguments
Wed, September 6: Trial
Thu, September 7: Trial

Break from September 8th to October 9th
in order to allow our attorney, David Nick to get married

Tue, October 10:  Trial
Wed, October 11:  Trial
Thu, October 12:  Trial

Prosecution has 9 full days of testimony as does defense.  These are 8 hour
days and we expect a limited 4 hour schedule instead, so things could go
much longer than scheduled.  Trial is only 3 days a week, Tuesday through
Thursday, so this trial could go to Thanksgiving before reaching a verdict.