To: The Honorable Board of Supervisors of Orange County,

--Charles Smith, First District, Board Chairman
--James Silva, Second District, Supervisor
--Todd Spitzer, Third District, Supervisor
--Cynthia P. Coad, Fourth District, Supervisor
--Thomas W. Wilson, Fifth District, Board Vice Chairman

Last week we presented you with compelling reasons for protecting the rights of sick, disabled and dying patients by upholding the law and implementing the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.

Today we will ask you to uphold our state constitution which specifically addresses the problem of a voter initiative that is not enforced or upheld by elected officials. Perhaps you read yesterday’s editorial in the Orange County Register which said:

"Article III, Section 3.5 of the California Constitution (adopted in 1978) states that "An administrative agency, including an administrative agency created by the Constitution or an initiative statute, has no power: ... (c) to declare a statute unenforceable, or to refuse to enforce a statute, on the basis that federal law or federal regulations prohibit the enforcement of such statute unless an appellate court has made a determination that the enforcement of such a statute is prohibited by federal law or federal regulations."

"No appellate court has done so in regard to Prop. 215. In fact, no legal challenge has been filed seeking to invalidate the law on the basis of a conflict with federal laws or regulations or for any reason."

We urge the Supervisors of Orange County to uphold their constitutional duty to implement California's three-year-old Compassionate Use Act. Medical marijuana is the law; now is the time for our elected official to show good faith and uphold the law.

Respectfully submitted,

WE THE PEOPLE, on behalf of the medical rights of patients to have access to their medicine, as guaranteed under The Compassionate Use Act of 1996, The United States Constitution, The Single Convention Treaty, The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, The Geneva Convention, and as affirmed by our individual names listed below:

Steve Kubby, <steve@kubby.org>, Laguna Beach, CA
Jim Rosenfield, <jnr@insightweb.com>, Culver City CA
Michael Diatalevi, <michael@webuyparts.com>, Hntngtn Bch, CA
David Jack, <jacks@goldrush.com>, Angels Camp, CA
Al Gilmore, <overedge@sohumm.net>, Redway, CA
Phil Mosby, <jawanda@ltol.com>, Kings Beach, CA.
Gail Lightfoot, <GkLtft@aol.com>, Pismo Beach, CA
Kim Root, <rlroot@prodigy.net>, Westminster, CA 92683
R. L. Root, <rlroot@prodigy.net>, Westminster, CA 92683
Dominic A. DeLucia, <DOMofCAL@aol.com>, Trabuco Can, CA
Gordon Wilson, <dwilson836@aol.com>,Laguna Niguel, CA
Bill Pasbach, <<mtnsapien@hotmail.com>, Huntersville, NC
Hal Womack, <womack@breve.coffeenet.net>, San Francisco CA
Bud Hagstrom, <quaser@yahoo.com>, Ventura, CA
Gary Barrett, <trichome34@hotmail.com>, Victorville CA
Anna Solorio-Barrett, <trichome34@hotmail.com>, Victorville CA
Charles Mull, <ltmull@castles.com>, Roseville, CA
F. Michael Wells, <painter@sirius.com>, Oakland, CA 94607
Thomas R. Markham, <painter@sirius.com>, Oakland, CA 94607
Howard R Olson, <Holson1000@aol.com>, Concord, CA
Rose Ann Fuhrman, <rose@sonic.net>, Santa Rosa, CA
Yasa Henson, <yasa@wcmonetwork.net>, Davis, CA
Trebor Healey, <Trebhead@aol.com>, Los Angeles, CA
Geoff Olsen, <grim@jps.net>, N. Hollywood, CA
Jane Weirick, <budfairy@budland.com>, San Francisco, CA
Wayne Justmann, <budfairy@budland.com>, San Francisco, CA
Rev. Randelyn Webster, <budfairy@budland.com>, SF, CA
Gary Farnsworth, <budfairy@budland.com>, San Francisco, CA
Mark Renfro, <mark210@gateway.net>, Mission Viejo, CA
Rusty Stuart, <nzane1@netzero.net>, Rohnert Park, CA
David C. Williams, <gear2000@lightspeed.net>, Tehachapi CA
Steven Blake, <stevenblake@excite.com>, Sacramento, CA
Tom O'Connell MD, <tjeffoc@sirius.com>, San Mateo, CA
Melissa Barrett, MelissaB56@aol.com, Los Gatos, CA
Malvina Cooper, <MALVINAQ@aol.com>, Petaluma, CA
Dennis Triglia, <dtriglia@home.com>, San Diego, CA
Robert Deitch, <bdeitch@loop.com>, North Hollywood, CA
Mark Hilgenberg, <hilgi@msn.com>, Oak Park, CA
Jonathan Richter <jonrichter@email.msn.com>, Fresno, CA
Jeff W. Jones, <jeffj@rxcbc.org>, Oakland, CA
Jerry Dunn, <JERRY@bnis.net>, Tehachapi, CA
Dale Gieringer, <canorml@igc.apc.org>, San Francisco CA
Susanna Vos, <suevos@catskill.net>, SF CA
Michael R. Aldrich Ph.D., <MCAGiraffe@AOL.com>, S.F., CA
Michelle Aldrich, <MCAGiraffe@AOL.com>, S.F., CA
Matt Coker, <MCoker@ocweekly.com>, Costa Mesa, CA
Tarian Liber <liberism@hotmail.com>, Palo Alto
Starchild, <dreamer@ziplink.net>, S.F., CA
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Betsy Pietila, <sandiegan@switchboard.net>, Ramona, CA
Tim Pietila, <sandiegan@switchboard.net>, Ramona, CA
Amber Pietila, <sandiegan@switchboard.net>, Ramona, CA
Mike Baldwin, <baldwin777@hotmail.com>, Roseville, CA
Don DeGroat, <EWCHIEF@aol.com>, Modesto, CA
Linda DeGroat, <EWCHIEF@aol.com>, Modesto, CA
Penny Dailey <pennydailey@earthlink.net>, La Crescenta, CA
Donna C. Lee <donnaclee@netscape.com>, San Diego, CA
Bob Ames <bob@rush.com> Rio Linda CA
David Bergland <dpbergland@earthlink.net>, Costa Mesa, CA
David Kettlewell, <david97@avana.net>, Lithonia,GA
Jeff Brown, <JAB@LCIA.COM>, Clermont, FL
Richard W. Jones, <SolidRockr@aol.com>, Jackson, MS
Leroy Casterline, <casterle@ccltd.com>, Fort Collins, CO
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