AUBURN, CALIFORNIA -- A second Placer County judge has been implicated in the emerging legal scandal surrounding the Kubby case.

It appears that a REQUEST FOR EXTENSION OF TIME, dated June 15, 2001 by Diane Carrol, the Placer County Superior Appeals Court Clerk, was illegally granted by another Placer judge, instead of a Court of Appeal judge as required by law. This is the same document that illegally and fraudulently upgraded the Kubby misdemeanor appeal into a felony by Judge Roeder.

Incredibly, the judge later blacked out his signature granting the request, once the upgrade to felony appeal had been accepted.  Hidden under that signature is the name of the judge who is now implicated in the scandal.

A copy of this REQUEST FOR EXTENSION OF TIME and the blacked out signature of a Placer County judge can be found online at: http://www.kubby.com/Placer/RoederAppealCourt.html

Another REQUEST FOR EXTENSION OF TIME by a court reported named Judy Boucree, filed less than a month earlier on May 21, 2001 also incriminates both judges.  In that document, Ms. Boucree reminds the judges, in a SWORN STATEMENT that appears below:

"This appeal was originally going to Superior Court as it IS a MISDEMEANOR APPEAL" (Emphasis added)

Even with this explicit warning from Ms. Boucree, Judge Roeder and the mysterious Placer judge who later blacked out his name, fraudulently order the Kubby misdemeanor appeal to proceed as a felony appeal.