Below is the note from Diane Carrol, who is the Clerk for Placer County Superior Appeal Court to Grace at the Third District Appellate Court.  In this note, Ms. Carrol lies about Steve pleading guilty to two counts, in a sworn statement.  Ms. Carrol commits further perjury by lying about the appeal, omitting that it is late, and further lies to the court by telling them that the appropriate jurisdiction is the Court of Appeal.

The note that is attached and handwritten is to the Court of Appeal Clerk, Grace, and says:
"June 19 2001
I am requesting the Criminal Division send me an abstract. The Supervisor in that Division does not do them for misdemeanors.

This evidence shows that Dianne Carrol deliberately asked for an abstract, even though forbidden by the Criminal Division Supervisor.  Ms. Carrol then fraudulently used the abstract to help make Steve's misdemenaor appeal go forward as a felony appeal.  This incriminating note was later purged from the record after we located it and may constitute obstruction of justice.