Judge Roeder's
Death Warrant

Below is the secret document that none of us saw until recently. Only because of the persistent efforts of former Auburn Journal Editor, Pat McCartney, were we ever able to learn about it.

This photocopy of an internal legal decision shows Judge James Roeder being asked to rule if the Placer County DA's appeal should be entered as a misdemeanor or felony appeal.  Although previously disqualified from having anything to do with our case, Judge Roeder ruled that the appeal of Steve's misdemeanor sentence and probation should be entered as a felony appeal.

Note that Roeder's signature appears at the bottom and is dated 5/25/01, one year after he was disqualified from our case.  Just above his signature is his order to, "Process as Felony Appeal."

Despite the innocuous appearance of this document, our lawyers tell us that the legal consequence of Roeder's illegal action was to create a Death Warrant for Steve.