"Roeder Ordered this to be processed as a Felony Appeal."


In the written comments below, Diane Carroll, representing the Placer County Registry Office, declares under penalty of perjury that, "Roeder Ordered this to be processed as a Felony Appeal."

This sworn statement, is dated over a year after Roeder was disqualified from having anything to do with our case, because of 'bias and prejudice.  This documents provides irrefutable evidence that the Judge Roeder violated his recusal order and deliberately issued an illegal order that was the cause of the misdemeanor appeal being illegally upgraded to a felony appeal. 

Not only did Roeder secretly and illegally alter Judge Cosgove's order, he deliberately ensured that Steve would be declared a fugitive, because defendants must be present in felony appeals, instead of simply being represented by counsel, as in a misdemeanor appeal.