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Sheriff Edward N. Bonner
Main Office - 11500 "A" Avenue,
Auburn, California
(530) 889-7800


Dear Sheriff Bonner,

On January 4th I filed an online complaint against three Placer County deputies for attempted murder. That is a serious charge, but I carefully documented my complaint. Since then, I've emailed your department twice, on the 11th and the 15th, but I still have not received a reply. Your web site promises a swift response, but I can't get anyone to respond to my complaint.

I find it strange and deeply disturbing that I must wait nearly two weeks for any sort of police response to an attempted murder complaint. My complaint to Internal Affairs provided a carefully documented account of how your deputies knowingly and maliciously subjected me to freezing conditions, physical threats, humiliation, refused to provide adequate medical care and nearly killed me.

In contrast, the Placer Sheriff's Department opened a multi-agency investigation against me for growing my own medicine, within 24 hours of receiving an anonymous letter.

When unsigned letters about medical marijuana can elicit such a massive response so quickly, and attempted murder complaints go unanswered for so long, it creates the appearance that the Placer County Sheriff's Department is as married to the ideology of "Zero Tolerance" as the Nazis were to the ideology of "Anti-Semitism."

We frequently hear from law enforcement that the Compassionate Use Act is a bad law, but law enforcement officials have refused to challenge this law directly in appellate court. That is because they know that the People of California have every right to pass such a law and that the Compassionate Use Act is actually a well written law that grants powerful new rights. So, unable to challenge the law in court, we see that certain sheriffs and district attorneys have resorted to the alternative, by challenging sick people who do not have the resources to defend themselves, trying to gut the law that way.

The truth is that the Compassionate Use Act is a historic law that future generations will view as no more vague than the Bill of Rights. It's only vague to law enforcement officials who see that much freedom as a threat to their authority and their federal marijuana suppression grants.

The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 granted new rights to people like myself. Moreover, because this law came from the People, it is legally considered a higher law and cannot be limited or restricted by anyone, including Sheriffs, D.A.s or even the Attorney General or the Legislature. The People have spoken and, for better or worse, the Compassionate Use Act is now the law and medical marijuana patients now have new legal rights in the State of California.

As a medical marijuana patient who is also legally disabled, my newly created medical marijuana rights are additionally protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Unruh Civil Rights Act. Moreover, threats to disabled people, in the exercise of our state (medical marijuana) rights or damaging our (medical marijuana) property, are felonies with enhanced penalties if committed by public officials or officers. (See Cal. Pen. Code, §§ 422.6, 422.7 and 422.75.)

Just as law enforcement has forced disabled people to defend themselves in court, we disabled people must now force law enforcement into court and "let the courts sort it out." Frankly, it's scary to have to challenge people as powerful as you, but by ignoring our petitions and blocking all other forms of administrative relief, you've left me and other seriously ill patients no other options.

No rights mean anything unless they are defended and upheld. I regret that events have placed us on a collision course, but I have no choice except to protect and defend the rights of those who are too sick or too frightened to defend themselves. Therefore, I must insist that the officers who nearly killed me be held accountable for their actions, before some innocent medical marijuana patient dies in your jail.

I would appreciate email from you confirming that you have received my civil rights complaint and have opened an investigation, at your earliest opportunity.

Additionally, I hereby request a written description of the procedure followed by your department in investigating citizen's complaints.

Let freedom grow,

s/Steve Kubby