Michele Renee Kubby

I was born on January 21, 1966 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  My dad was getting a masters at Rutger's.  (My parent's were checking out moving to the East Coast.  Thank God they didn't stay!)

Moved to Laguna Beach, California, September 1969.

I attended kindergarten through High School at Laguna Beach School system. Spent High School Senior year as an exchange student in Turkey.  Graduated Laguna Beach High School, May 1984.

Went to University of California at Berkeley, 1984-88.  Graduated with degrees in Political Science and Near Eastern Studies, (or the Turkish language).

Post graduation, dabbled in politics volunteering for Chrisopher Cox, the Congressman from Southern California.  Was turned off by the atmosphere of politics.  Moved back to San Francisco and worked for the California Alumni Association in Berkeley, and Montgomery Securities, a trading company in San Francisco.

My passion for skiing became the center of my life. I would save up my vacation days and take three day weekends in my shared, rented, ski cabin in Tahoe and ski.  I met a ton of cool people, but none like Steve.

In April of 1995, I met Steve on a gondola at Squaw Valley, California.  My life never was the same.

Steve and I got married four months later at the top of Squaw Valley.  We had also started volunteering time with the Prop. 215 campaign.  Nine months later, I had quit my job at Montgomery and moved to Tahoe to raise our new daughter.

During that year, we celebrated the victory of 215.  By the beginning of 1997, the Libertarians offered Steve the opportunity to run for Governor of California.

After the election in 1998 was over, we wondered what our next step was, and Placer county showed us the way by arresting us on January 19, 1999. A six year odyssey through the courts of two countries.