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"This is no more about Marijuana than the Boston Tea Party was about Tea."

by Steve Kubby

image loading...How could George W. Bush, someone who is reviled by half of the country and most of the world, be re-elected on "moral issues"?  The answer is that two very different cultures with very different ideas about morality have collided head-on.

The world is a safer place now that G W Bush has been elected, but only because it will hasten the destruction of a obsolete fossil culture that is unsustainable and toxic to all life.  Who better than Bush to lead the bloated corporate remains of oil-hungry industrial America into oblivion?

Those of us whose fortunes and passions are with the emerging new civilization of computers, cannabis and individual freedom, will joyfully prevail over the fossil people with their obsolete, industrial age, one-size-fits-all, police state mentality.

George W.  Bush won his re-election because he used FEAR to sell and consolidate his following.  We on the other hand, rely upon the Great Spirit each and every time it fills our lungs and dances through our neurons showing us a world based on hemp and truth and freedom and real justice for all. That is the future which is within our grasp.  That is the civilization that is emerging from the muck of the fossil people with their fossil culture and their fossil wars.

My good friend Valerie Corral,, the founder of WAMM, writes that she is ashamed to be an American.  But are any of us, once we've been liberated by our own psychedelic visions, ever comfortable again with the idea of being so limited and myopic as to describe ourselves as belonging to a piece of dirt on this planet?  No, we have been awakened and transformed by a spirit that is real an knowable to each of us.  Each and every time that we spark up and inhale, we leave behind the fossil people and their fossil wars and we join a group that knows and recognizes each other by sight, regards of culture and regardless of language.

My friends, the election of Bush is no cause for despair, because we know that karma doesn't allow you to get away with anything.  Bush and those who follow him, will speed the destruction of a culture that is so lost, so morally corrupt, that they now blindly worship the very power that will be their undoing.

What will we be doing in the meantime?  Well, the first responsibility for all of us is to get over this election and start having some fun again.  You know, you really can't do good unless you feel good.  And right now would be a good time for those us who have fought so bravely for so long to take a moment and recognize that our victory has never been closer at hand.

Those of you who know Michele and me know that we've been kicked around plenty by the rotting carcass we call our government and yet somehow we not only survive, we prosper.  That is our job right now, all of us, to get over this election and get back to our mission and our commitment to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Sure you can dismiss our optimism, but consider this, no matter how many times the government has tried to harm us, we've always bounced back, because we've learned, it's not what they do, it's what we do that counts.  Sure they control the police and the courts, but we provide the ideas upon which the rest of fossil society depends, from entertainment, to computers, to an new vision for the future, based upon renewable hemp and healing cannabis.

Truly, if there is one thing that we've learned in all of these years struggling against ignorance and cruelty, it's that so long as you never give up, so long as you never surrender, you absolutely, positively cannot lose.

The fossil people have selected G W Bush to lead them into oblivion. Our greatest victory and salvation still lies ahead in our future. Three cheers and pass the bowl!