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Kubby California Tour

Steve Kubby has been traveling across California, meeting with Libertarians, Activists, Patient Groups and public officials.  He has addressed the SF Board of Supervisors and met with Orange County and San Diego officials.  Mr. Kubby is currently visiting in Mendocino County.  He is speaking to groups and is available to travel anywhere in the USA or abroad to speak to  your group.  Fees and schedule available upon request.



Steve Kubby accepts his 'Special Award'
at the 2006 NORML Conference in San Francisco

Updated May 19, 2006

Dear Friends,

I'm pleased to tell you that it has now been a six weeks since I was released from the Placer County Jail, where I spent 23 hours a day in lock-down, serving 62 days in "protective custody."  My crime was the possession of a mushroom stem, used as an exhibit in one of my books and some tiny peyote buttons left by someone in our guest bedroom.

During my first few days of incarceration, I experienced excruciating pain, a vicious high blood-pressure crisis, passed blood in my urine and I lost 33 pounds. However, thanks to the efforts of nearly a hundred demonstrators and massive media coverage, the Placer County Jail staff became painfully aware of my situation and acted decisively to make sure I had proper medical care.  To everyone's relief, we learned that Marinol is an acceptable, if not ideal, substitute for whole cannabis in treating my otherwise fatal disease. Now I am a free man and I am profoundly grateful to be alive and to have friends and supporters such as you.

Everyone knows I was in jail for an unjust conviction that followed a politically inspired investigation of me in 1998 while I campaigned as the Libertarian candidate for governor of California. Seven difficult years later, I can finally declare our hard fought battle to be a victory and that the mission of the Kubby Defense Fund has been successfully completed.

I want to thank you for helping me through the ordeal.  I'd also like to thank the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for passing a Resolution on my behalf.

With your help, we have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Thanks to the skillful negotiating of attorney E.D. Lerman, I spent a combined 62 days in jail versus the year or more that prosecutors wanted me to serve. Despite the new charge for going to Canada, I spent three weeks less in jail than I would have in 2001, when the county did not have an early release for overcrowding.

The political landscape over medical marijuana has significantly changed in California since my arrest. I'd like to put some of the events of my case in perspective, as part of a final report from the Kubby Defense Fund.

When we started the Kubby Defense Fund in 1999, we faced dire circumstances:

  • Nineteen felony counts;
  • $200,000 bail;
  • Involvement by local, state and federal drug warriors;
  • A fraudulent DEA document that was used to obtain a search warrant;
  • An anonymous note that we now believe was written by law enforcement;
  • Judges removed for bias re-entering the case to make me a felony fugitive; and
  • A public defender who abandoned our case, leaving us stranded in Canada.

Law-enforcement attitudes were outright hostile to medical marijuana at the time, something I experienced first-hand once I was arrested on Jan. 19, 1999. For 72 hours I was deprived of the only medicine I use, and quickly experienced the classic symptoms of hypertensive crises, as my blood pressure periodically soared, leaving me partially blind and violently ill.

Rather than offer medical care and solace, the jail authorities were openly derisive of my condition, treating me like a criminal who was hiding behind the medical-marijuana laws. It took me months to recover from that ordeal.

As a Libertarian, I chose to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and fight back. I chose to fight on behalf of the many qualified patients broken by unfair prosecutions, who did not have the resources or resolve to face their persecutors.

 Over the next two years, we went through three juries and six judges, and built a legal team and brought in expert witnesses that ultimately outclassed the local prosecutors. During the trial, we discredited the prosecution's key witness, a state narcotics officer who testified about plant yields at medical-marijuana trials across the state, making ordinary patients sound like drug kingpins.

Jail may be an inconvenience to some, but for me it is a life-threatening experience. That's why I moved to Canada in 2001 rather than remain under the supervision of authorities I had no reason to trust. My reasons go to the unusual nature of my medical condition, with its potentially lethal episodes of high blood pressure.

 When the Canadian courts denied our claims to refugee status, I was given the choice of being deported or leaving Canada voluntarily. On January 26 I returned from British Columbia to turn myself in, and served 40 days of the 120-day sentence imposed on me in 2001 for possession of a mushroom stem and peyote buttons.

The more recent stay was for violating probation by not returning from Canada sooner.

In the seven years since my previous stay in the Placer jail, moreover, I found that law-enforcement attitudes about medical marijuana had changed. Gone was the hostility and taunts that guards directed my way in 1999. This time they called me "Mister Kubby," and treated me with respect.  Especially after all the demonstrations at the Jail on my behalf.

I was fortunate also that Dr. Tod Mikuriya prescribed Marinol for me as an experiment, and I was able to take the first dose at admission, just a single day after my last medication with whole cannabis. We had no idea if it would work, and it didn't - at first. But, to my lasting relief, over the next few days my blood pressure began to fall to healthy levels.

Just one 10-milligram capsule of Marinol twice a day was able to control my blood pressure, although I did have problems with indigestion from taking the synthetic THC. Unfortunately, Marinol was a Schedule 2 drug when I was first arrested. Marinol was extremely hard to get until July of 1999, and remains very expensive and prisoners are usually not allowed to use it.

Nevertheless, this discovery was a fantastic turn of events for me, because guaranteeing a stable supply of pot is expensive and dangerous. With Marinol as an acceptable if not ideal replacement for whole cannabis, I can now supplement my use of medical marijuana with a prescription medicine that is widely available. That will allow me to travel and work more easily, and represents a new lease on life for me.

We now have documented evidence from my jail medical records that Marinol can control the blood-pressure spikes of adrenal cancer, and may benefit others with blood-pressure disorders as well.

Certainly, no one can say that I was sneaking blood-pressure medicine along with the Marinol, since I was in jail and my medications strictly regulated. Similarly, no one can accuse the jail's medical director of being pro-marijuana.

So, I think we proved that marijuana really does lower my blood pressure, and I really do have a life-and-death medical necessity.

I might have stayed in jail two-thirds longer, but I was released early after receiving a personal visit from the Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner, who commended me for my work on behalf of medical marijuana. Sheriff Bonner said law enforcement had learned a lot about medical marijuana through the course of my prosecution, and said he was honored to meet me.

Sheriff Bonner then told me he would talk with the district attorney and presiding judge, and advise them to "bury the hatchet."

My arrest at the San Francisco airport and incarceration in Placer County created a  "Media Circus". Articles have appeared in the L.A. Times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Sacramento Bee and Fox News, and noted by CNN. In a story carried by the Associated Press, I was described as a "medical-marijuana champion," while a feature story on page one of World Net Daily hailed me as a "crusader for medical marijuana."  KTVU TV in Oakland had the best video coverage.

On Jan. 30, identified "Kubby" as the most-researched term on the Internet, outpacing I-Pods and Ted Koppel.

All this media attention represents millions of dollars of ink and TV time to educate the public on our issues.

Let's list the accomplishments that you have helped make possible with your support of the Kubby Defense Fund.

  • We raised and spent nearly $500,000 for our defense;
  • Successfully defended a 265-plant garden based on limits for federal patients;
  • Discredited the state?s expert witness on plant yields and limits;
  • Reduced law-enforcement opposition to statewide regulation;
  • Gave hope to patient groups that supported our cause; and
  • Forced Placer County authorities to soften their medical-marijuana policy.

For seven years now, I have stood up for the rights of sick people who benefit from the medicinal properties of this healing herb. By speaking out, I incurred the wrath of those in power who believe medical marijuana is a hoax, and that my advocacy threatened their way of life.

Fortunately, those seven years of bad luck have come to an end, because I have made peace with the criminal-justice system that persecuted me. Although I still face more than two years of minimal supervision before I am truly free, for the first time in seven years, my family and I are looking forward to resuming a normal life.

Now, finally, we can resume our peaceful lives where we left off.  We need to give our daughters the stability of living in the same place for more then a year at a time.  There is a very real possibility that I will be publishing another magazine, and I'm hoping to enter the speaking circuit and share our amazing story.  I'm also exploring other interesting possibilities for the future that I know many of you will want to be part of.

Finally, I'd like to use this letter to give a special thanks to the most important person in my life. Michele, my dear wife Michele; she is the hardest working, most loyal woman I know.  She's done everything from manage the Kubby Defense Fund, to representing me in courts in multiple jurisdictions in two countries.  She has done so much more then simply stand by my side.  She has fought tirelessly for me and so many others.  Often the stress Michele was living with was unimaginable - many times during this frequently frightening journey our children could have been taken away from us.  She fought hard and long to keep our family together.  Michele is finally looking forward to living a stress-free life for the first time in seven long years.  Then she will consider going to law school - she certainly has more real-world courtroom experience then many practicing attorneys!

Of course, it goes without saying that I am not abandoning the battle for freedom. When I was fighting for my life, the focus was necessarily on the medical marijuana issue, but now we can go on the offensive against the abuses of our legal system by those who are supposed to uphold the rule of law. More and more Americans, including many in law enforcement are recognizing that the so-called "drug war" is a counterproductive fraud that is a threat to everyone.

That has always been our message.

Let freedom grow,

Steve Kubby

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View this 16-minute QuickTime Kubby update (55 MB),
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"I'm running for Governor because I'm fed up with bad government, corrupt politicians, and arrogant officials. Like you, I'd like the government to support my liberty, protect and serve my family, respect my personal property and stop passing and enforcing laws that assume I have the intelligence of a child."

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