Large 4x5 color photo of Steven Wynn Kubby

Steve currently serves as National Director for the American Medical Marijuana Association, a national organization dedicated to protecting the rights of seriously ill patients who use cannabis.

You can stand proud in knowing that you have made a decision to be a part of something that is going to save people all over the world.

Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) is a cure for cancer and it is time to perform the necessary research it takes to create safe medicines for the people of the world to help fight the many different forms.

You can donate to the research by mailing a check to the following address:

Cannabis Cancer Research
1135 Terminal Way
Suite 106, Reno, NV 89502

You can also donate by either of the two methods below:



You can click over to various organizations that have information about medical cannabis and the uses of it in clinical practice and therapeutic programs.



> American Medical Marijuana Association

> American Alliance for Medical Cannabis

> Americans for Safe Access

> The California Cannabis Medical Research Group

> International Association for Cannabis as Medicine

> The Marijuana Policy Project

> The Media Awareness Project

> Dr. Fry's Medical Cannabis Clinic

Steve Kubby is a poster boy for Cannabis Cancer Research.  After 4 surgeries and a bunch of medications that were not successful in stopping the cancer, he is now only using Marijuana as a medicine and it makes a tremendous difference in his quality of life.

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