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"This is no more about Marijuana than the Boston Tea Party was about Tea."

Thinking About Moving to Canada, Eh?
by Steve Kubby

Since the re-election of George Bush, the Canadian immigration website has exploded with a record number of visits.  There is already an exodus of Americans who are seeking refugee status in Canada, although neither country will talk about it. However, based upon reports for the Canadian compassion clubs, thousands of American medpot patients are currently living in Canada and using their American physician letters to qualify to buy cannabis at the clubs.

Meanwhile, Michael Moore has issued a plea for Democrats to stay in the US and fight.  However, we must note that Moore currently resides in Canada and has not indicated that HE will move back to the US.  Moore is joined by celebrities like Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Hurricane Carter, and Tommy Chong who have moved to Canada as well.

Life is great in Canada, especially here in the home of BC Bud.  I grow 135 plants and travel anywhere I want with 3 pound of pot, all perfectly legal under Canadian law.  (Actually, I've heard there are people here in BC who don't grow pot, I just haven't met any yet.)

As I said, Canada is a wonderful place, once you get past all those silly urban myths that Americans have about Canada.

For example, contrary to what most Americans believe, Canadians have balanced their budget and reduced their taxes to the point that Canadians don't pay anymore than Americans.  Unlike the US, Canadians are NOT taxed on their income from out of Canada.  Likewise, US citizens in Canada can live tax free in Canada, so long as their income is not Canadian.

I know all the horror stories about Canadian socialized medicine, but I've been a cancer patient for 30 years and I've seen a lot of American hospitals.  My hospital experiences here in Canada have all been outstanding.  The level of care and professionalism of the staff was every bit as good as the top medical centers in the US.

Finally, although Canada has a reputation as a liberal country, it really is more libertarian than anything else.  For example, the BC Supreme Court rules 80% of the time against the government and for the individual.   Also, Canadian TV is definitely libertarian, consulting with minority parties, event the BC Marijuana Party, on any and all issues.  Here in BC, just about everything is legal including pot clubs, cuban cigars, polygamy, gambling, abortion, topless bathing, fireworks and music file swapping.  And unlike the US, where same-sex marriage is forbidden, most Canadian provinces now officially allow gays to marry.

Canada's military is used to keep the peace, not start wars, and most Canadians like it that way.  Canada's primary role in wars is to provide first aid and help feed people.  Polls show that Canadians strongly supported the decision to keep Canada out of the war with Iraq and that they strongly dislike Bush's policies.

Canada isn't for everyone, but if personal freedom is important to you, come see what it's like to live in a country where freedom is still alive.

Steve Kubby has written two books on drug policy reform and is the founder of The American Medical Marijuana Association.  He currently resides in British Columbia where he is licensed to grow his own cannabis.